Lakshman Mahadevan - Associate Professor

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He earned his PhD in MIS from the Fogelman college of Business and Economics at University of Memphis, USA.  He has taught in the business school at Emporia State University, Kansas and in the computer science and management departments at the University of Memphis. His teaching interests include enterprise architecture, systems analysis and design, business database systems, programming, information security, and e-commmerce. His current research focuses on the software development process, Information Security, technology efficacy and sourcing. He has presented his research at the Americas conference for information systems (AMCIS) at San Franscisco and Detroit. His research on changes to control mechanisms due to introduction of agile in organizations has been accepted for publication at CAIS, a top tier journal in the IS field. Dr. Lakshman has over 15 years of corporate experience while at FedEx in their enterprise architecture design services division. He has been recognized for his contribution to the FedEx ecommerce architecture in support of their online shipping and tracking initiatives. He also has played important role in data center migrations and standardizing the pricing architecture across the operating companies in FedEx

Education Qualification:

BTech, MS, MBA , PhD (University of Memphis, USA)


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7. Mahadevan, L. “ A cognitive appraisal of information based security behaviors,” manuscript under preparation.

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